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Masters of Balayage

Silicone Lined Aluminum Beads - Stone - MSRP

Silicone Lined Aluminum Beads - Stone - MSRP

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The Silicone Lined Aluminum Beads from MOB offer a blend of lightness and sturdiness. These beads serve the purpose of delicately securing hair, whether it's for establishing an Anchor Row or a Beaded Weft Row. With a 5mm aluminum build, locking the bead is an effortless task, particularly when used alongside MOB Hair Extension Pliers. The silicone lining not only safeguards the hair against potential damage but also prevents slippage. These beads are coated with chip-free color finishes that are thoughtfully matched to harmonize with MOB's Hand-Tied Wefts and corresponding thread hues.

Included in the package: 5mm Silicone Lined – Aluminum Beads

Quantity: 1,000 beads per bottle.
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